99brightminds provides dedicated technology centers for its global technology clients.

Our Services

Technology Center Setup and Oversight

Legal and Administration, Facility Management, Culture and Process Alignment, Training (soft and hard skills), Delivery Management, Executive Escalation and Intervention

Consultation and Advisory

Team Structure Assessment, Tools and Methodologies, Architectural Reviews, Product Reviews including Product Development Frameworks, Early User Adoption Analysis and Feedback, Client and End-User Training, Agile and Traditional Project Management

Software Development

Mobile Applications Development (hybrid and native), Web Application Development, Content Management Systems, AI and ML Development, Blockchain Development, UI/UX Design and Development, DevOps Integration , QA (Quality assurance)

Our Company


99brightminds unlocks hidden value in Jordan through dedicated technology center(s) that cater to international clients outside the kingdom. We have a proven track record in engineering and management leadership and have developed multi-hundred-person software engineering, development and technical support centers in Jordan, serving high-tech and market leading enterprise international clients successfully. Our clients include advanced US / European software product companies who are looking to achieve their business objectives through the scalable addition of an efficient technology center in the EU time zone.
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Our mission is to accelerate the success of our technology clients by expanding their technology capacity, enabling increased development, providing timely support, and facilitating relevant client implementations, Our approach involves launching and managing highly specialized, cost effective, strategically located tech centers in Jordan. These centers are staffed with dedicated technology teams that work on globally significant projects or programs for their clients, effectively serving as an extension of our clients’ technology departments, leveragng the client’s training, culture, excellence, systems, processes, and innovation.

Sustainable Development Goals

diversity & inclusivity
diverse team


99brightminds is committed to adhering to international best practices, actively embracing inclusion and gender policies.

diverse team


Our extraordinary team is a true reflection of diversity, composed of individuals from various walks of life, including refugees, urban professionals, and those from rural areas. We take great pride in our work, and our clients’ high level of satisfaction is a testament to our commitment and dedication.

women in tech


Our company is led by a female executive, and half of our management team is comprised of women, showcasing our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture. This ethos extends throughout our workforce, with nearly 40% female participation, further emphasizing our dedication to gender equality and diversity within our organization.

clean energy
clean energy


As an IT company with data centers in Jordan that primarily consume fossil-fuel energy from the grid, we aim to contribute to the country’s energy transition.

clean energy


We plan to achieve this by offsetting our energy consumption through funding renewable energy projects locally.

clean energy


As of 2023, we are becoming a company that is 100% driven by renewable energy for our work with clients, achieving a zero-carbon footprint.

Our Management Team

Jida Sunna

Jida Sunna

General Manager

BEng in Computer and Communications Engineering (AUB), 20y+ Experience, One of the first team members in pioneering Arab tech startups such as Arabia Online and Estarta, Co-Founder of an IT training company.

Dawsar Zghoul​

Dawsar Zghoul​

Engineering and AI Director​

20y+ Chief Architect and Technical Advisor, Legacy Systems Integration and Business Intelligence Specialist, Design and Product management for a multi-tenancy 100M+ user base platform, AI and ML researcher.

Sana Baqain​

Sana Baqain​

Operations Manager

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems, 15y international logistics and planning, 4y experience in Recruitment, FCE Certified from Cambridge.

Hani Qassim

Hani Qassim

Senior Advisor

B.Eng in Software Engineering (Western University), PMP. 20y+ experience leading organizations to define and execute strategy and technology including: Thomson Fin., General Motors, UAE Gov., ADWEA.

Creating Value for our Clients

99brightminds works with its client to define, design, set up and maintain Technology Centers in Jordan. These centers serve as hubs for highly skilled Jordanian IT professionals, well-versed in a broad spectrum of technologies, including rare and specialized ones. By seamlessly integrating with our clients’ technology teams, we accelerate market success and reduce operational costs. Technology teams can be set up in the following areas:

Technical Support

  • Internal technical support
  • Client Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 support
  • Solution development support

Technical Sales

From relationship development and origination to operational and technical sales of a client’s technology solutions.

Product Development

Quality function deployment/ product definition Architecture and design Project management Development QA/QC and testing Release management and DevOps

Client Implementation Support

Designing and developing implementation components Remote implementation capacity Implementation teams available for onsite client projects

R & D

Specialized research and development, from concept to pilot and market feedback iterations.

Technical Expertise

We possess an extensive range of technical expertise that spans various industries and applications, encompassing sectors such as banking, insurance, investment, social media, Video on Demand (VOD), e-commerce, healthcare, real estate, NFT marketplaces, and more. Our proficiency extends across diverse technology domains, including but not limited to the following:

Mobile Application Technologies

Android (ex: Kotlin) - IOS (ex: Swift)

Mobile Application Hybrid Technologies

React Native - Flutter

Database Technologies

Mongo DB - Microsoft SQL server - MySQL - Oracle - PostgreSQL

Web Applications and Backend Technologies

- JavaScript, TypeScript, Node JS, Angular, React JS, Next JS, View JS … - PHP (Falcon, Symfony, YII, YII 2, Laravel) - ASP.NET - Java - Python (ex: Django)

Blockchain Applications

(ex NFT, Smart contracts, Web3.0)

Infra and DevOps Technologies

- AWS - Windows Azure - Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes

AI Application

• Data Engineering • Data Science - Machine Learning • Data Science - NLP • Data Science – Computer vision

Project Management

Agile (Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, Nexus framework, XP, Lean ), and traditional project management (Ex: Waterfall).

Why Jordan

Jordan is rich in tech innovation and tech talent with a good eye for business
in an English-speaking environment (official-2)
within the European time zone
with a quality–cost advantage and competitive edge
Jordan is ranked #13 globally for availability of scientists and engineers.
Jordan has produced a number of global tech startup success stories such as Maktoob, Souq, Progress Soft, Mawdoo3, Estarta, Iris Guard and many more attracting more than $1B of investments from Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, Yahoo, Huawei, Sita and others.

A rapidly emerging environment of VCs, incubators, Angle Networks, startup accelerators, and co-working spaces have turned Jordan into a vibrant entrepreneurial scene propelling the country to the 10th best place to establish a startup in the world.

Leading technology developers and users already operating global centers in Jordan


ramping up from 800 to 1,300 technical team members in Amman


ramped up to over 100 software developers in 2 years, and growing


ramped up to over 200 2nd level tech support staff covering Europe


is ramping up to over 1,000 for 2nd level Cisco tech support, top satisfaction ratings

Western business culture More engineering, science and IT professionals percapita, vs India & Russia. 10.0 Million population with 90%+ literacy rate 20 universities, Amman is a major regional center of education Amazon, Expedia, Microsoft, and Cisco alone will reach approximately 3,000 dedicated IT professionals and engineers in Jordan Cost effective versus E. Europe
High English fluency with Multi-Language Coverage: Arabic, English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian Close culture fit with Western Europe & US; “Nearshore” European proximity Most of Europe in accessible within 3-4 hour direct daily flights. One hour time zone difference with mainland Europe
Stable Business Environment Solid infrastructure No major risks in geopolitical, security, regulation, etc. Key Players: HP, Dell, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia Modern office spaces, culture, and working environment Adopt any currency to pay for salaries and services to minimize uncertainties
Politics & Commerce

Free Trade Agreements established with the EU in 2002, and with the United States in 2001
Free Trade Agreement signed with Canada in 2009
Over 45 years of stability, the Switzerland of the Middle East

What Some of Our Diverse Clients Are Saying

"As CTO/EVP at NextgenID, I'm thrilled to commend 99Brightminds for their exceptional contract hire services. Across critical technical roles like front-end, UX/UI, and full-stack developers, their quality resources have exceeded expectations. The team's efficient billing and prompt role fulfillment showcase their commitment to excellence. Highly recommended for their invaluable contribution to our projects."
Maichael Harris
Maichael Harris
CTO, NextgenID
“Partnering with 99BrightMinds has been a seamless experience, and their commitment to our mutual goals has strengthened our business collaboration.”
Bachar Kassar
Bachar Kassar
Managing Director at Nagarro MENA
"99BrightMinds has become a trusted human capital partner to identify, recruit and retain key talent."
Bob Ayan
Bob Ayan
CEO, Rayyan
"I am pleased to express my utmost satisfaction with the exceptional service provided by BrightMinds. Their unwavering commitment to excellence, attention to details and prompt responsiveness have truly set them apart. Working with BrightMinds team has not only met but exceeded my expectations."
Yousef Eqtait
Yousef Eqtait
Director of Services, InobitsME

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